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It's time for another self filmed movie on my camera phone and I'm feeling seriously horny for some fun. I am already topless and in my bedroom with just my phone for company, so I zoom in on my panties and then climb onto the bed for some fun. After a bit of a tease I pull my panties to one side as I lay on the bed masturbating! Of course I get some pretty cool closeups of my pussy lips for you too!

Released on: June 6 2018 Duration: 06:12
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Jun 30, 2024 @ 22:07:52 P53Appleford said:

Hello again Lexi. Your video selfie is impressively controlled, making excellent coverage of your beautiful, sexy, naked body despite many changes of position, all in sharp focus. I particularly liked the feeling of laying alongside you viewing the length of your perfectly shaped figure. Your erect nipples are so appealing and your perfect pussy is gorgeous! Thank you, Peter A. x