Frequently asked questions

Here we provide answers to the most frequently asked questions, which we have received in our support mailbox. We hope they will be useful for you. Please, read them through before you contact us. Your question might be answered here.

What kind of picture and video formats do you offer?

We offer MP4 using H.264 codec in four different qualities - 320p (best for playing on iPhone, Android smartphones), 480p (good for iPads or devices with bigger screen), 720p (great quality for streaming) and full hd 1080p - best quality around, suitable for play on computers, TVs and big screens. You can either stream or download the MP4 files.

Also we provide WMV file format in 1080p for download. You will see all details in HD without any quality compromises.

We provide two picture formats - HQ (which is at least 8MPx) or LQ (2MPx). You can view pictures one by one, slideshow or download them in ZIP files.

Will be my membership limited? How many videos / pictures can I download?

After you subscribe, you have UNLIMITED access to all our videos. There are no limitations in streaming, downloading or viewing. Our videos are DRM-free. For streaming, you are only limited with a period of time you subscribe for (because after it expires, you don't have access to members area anymore).

How can I cancel my subscription?

You can always cancel your subscription on support page of Epoch Billing Support - the page is located at, providing your subscription details. Alternatively, you can ask our team at - please provide your subscription ID or your credentials. After your cancellation, your access will be still valid until next cancellation date, which is usually next billing period.

Help! I cannot login or system is kicking me out!

There can be several reasons:

  • you have used wrong credentials (double check your input, be aware that both username and password are case sensitive (e.g. mypass123 is not the same as myPASS123),
  • your subscription is being used by somebody else at the same time,
  • we have found your credentials on the internet (we periodically search internet for leaked passwords),
  • you have used proxy server to connect to our sites,
  • or there has been detected attempts of multiple login from different locations.

If your membership has been compromised and we haven't changed your password yet - the process about which we always inform via e-mail - just contact us at and we will promptly deal with your issue.

Also make sure that you try your credentials with clean browser - delete all your cookies for website and then restart browser.

Just a little warning - if we find out that you share your credentials on purpose, we will block your account immediately with no chance for refund. Also we will report you to Epoch support to block you from further subscription purchases. Please, respect our work and we will deliver more quality content to you!

I am logged in and cannot play any videos.

Please make sure you are logged in and using latest version of your browser. Please use button "Feedback" in lower right corner, describing what issue and message are you seeing - we promise to look at each issue your report. If you find a bug, we can give you extra days to your membership.

How can I pay for Lexi Dona Membership

Epoch is offering these payments possibilites in your area:

I have found a bug / something is not working for me

Please, contact us at and describe what you are experiencing. We strive for bringing your 100% experience, your feedback is always appreciated and may be rewarded. Members can also use a Feedback feature located in the right bottom corner in members area.